Empowering Parents in Court Hearings for Special Education

Special Education Court Hearing Services For Attorneys

Services include special education expert experience for due process hearings & forensic consultations.

Special Education Court Hearing Services For Parents

Services include children emotional and behavioral consultation & analysis of parental goals/safeguards.

Special Education Court Hearing Education Consulting

The background of Dr. Imber includes Forensic Educational Expertise and Independent Evaluations.

Supporting Parents in the Pursuit of Fair Education

Dr. Steven C. Imber, Ph.D. is an ally for parents who are navigating the world of court hearings related to Special Education. With over 45 years of experience, Dr. Imber provides customized support to empower parents in their mission to seek education opportunities for their children with disabilities.

Tailored Services for Parents

  • Thorough Educational Assessments
    Dr. Imber conducts evaluations that equip parents with an understanding of their child’s unique educational needs and challenges. These assessments cover aspects, including academics, cognition, emotions, and behavior giving a rounded perspective on the child’s abilities.
  • Expert Witness Representation
    Dr. Imber acts as a witness in proceedings related to due process hearings advocating on behalf of parents and their children in court. Drawing from his experience he ensures that parents have a persuasive voice during legal procedures while protecting the rights of students, with disabilities.
  • Guidance
    Dr. Imber provides expert advice and guidance to parents as they navigate the complexities of Special Education litigation.

Dr. Steven C. Imber, Ph.D. is a trusted ally, for parents and their children with disabilities. He offers insights and guidance regarding strategies to ensure that parents are well-prepared to advocate for their child’s educational rights.

The Importance of Parental Advocacy

Making Informed Decisions
Dr. Imbers’ assessments provide parents with knowledge about their child’s needs empowering them to make informed decisions about their child’s educational journey.

Developing Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)
Dr. Imber actively participates in the creation of IEPs that are tailored to address each child’s needs and goals.

  • Effective Advocacy
    Equipped with assessment results and expert guidance parents can effectively advocate for their child’s rights. Dr. Imber supports parents in their efforts to achieve educational outcomes.
  • Ensuring Legal Compliance
    All of Dr. Imbers’ assessments and expert testimony adhere to state Special Education laws and regulations guaranteeing the protection of the child’s rights throughout the legal process.
  • A Reliable Partner for Parents
    Dr. Steven C. Imber, Ph.D. is not an expert in Special Education but a dedicated advocate for parents and their children, with disabilities.

Dr. Imbers’ dedication, to ensuring fairness in education and empowering parents establishes him as an ally in the quest for educational results. With his assistance, parents can navigate Special Education court hearings, with confidence guaranteeing that their child’s rights and needs receive attention and safeguarding.