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Special Education Evaluation Services For Attorneys

Services include special education expert experience for due process hearings & forensic consultations.

Special Education Evaluation Services For Parents

Services include children emotional and behavioral consultation & analysis of parental goals/safeguards.

Special Education Evaluation Education Consulting

The background of Dr. Imber includes Forensic Educational Expertise and Independent Evaluations.

Your Trustworthy Partner, for Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs)

With experience in the field Dr. Steven C. Imber, Ph.D. is a regarded expert in Special Education. He offers a range of services related to Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs) to ensure that individuals with disabilities, whether children, adolescents, or adults receive the support and services for their educational success.

Key Services Provided

IEE Consultation 
Collaborating closely with parents, school districts, and attorneys Dr. Imber provides expert guidance on the IEE process. He ensures that parents are well informed about their rights and available options when seeking an evaluation.

Objective Assessments
Dr. Imber conducts unbiased evaluations that encompass a range of disabilities such, as Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD) Autism & Asperger’s Syndrome, Behavioral and Emotional Disorders Developmental Delays (Global) Learning Disabilities, Traumatic Brain Injury and Visual Impairment Including Blindness.

Dr. Imber is dedicated to supporting students, with disabilities and their families serving as an advocate to help navigate the complexities of education. He ensures that each student’s unique needs and challenges are carefully considered during the evaluation process.

Recognized for his expertise in the field Dr. Imber is frequently called upon as a witness in proceedings related to special education. His extensive experience provides insights that contribute to an informed legal process.

Dr. Imber collaborates closely with school districts offering insights and recommendations aimed at improving services for students with disabilities.

Taking an approach to evaluations Dr. Imber considers factors such as a student’s history, behavior emotional well-being, and academic performance to gain a thorough understanding of their individual needs.

Throughout the Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) process Dr. Imber highly values and actively involves parents in consultations ensuring that their goals and concerns are addressed effectively.

As a professional committed to upholding standards Dr. Imber ensures compliance, with all relevant regulations about special education.

Dr. Imber is committed to following all regulations and policies concerning education ensuring that evaluations and consultations are conducted with the utmost care to protect the rights and interests of students, with disabilities.

With his knowledge, experience, and dedication to education Dr. Steven C. Imber, Ph.D. is a valuable asset to this field. He is passionate about advocating for individuals with disabilities and possesses expertise in conducting Independent Educational Evaluations. This makes him a reliable collaborator for parents, school districts, and attorneys who aim to secure the educational outcomes, for students.

IEE; Empowering Informed Decision-Making

Within Special Education, Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs) play a role, for parents, educators, and students alike. These evaluations serve as a resource by offering a comprehensive assessment of a student’s educational needs enabling informed decision-making.

  • What is an IEE?
    An Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) is what its name suggests – an evaluation carried out by professionals who are not affiliated with the local educational agency or school district. Its primary objective is to shed light on a student’s requirements and challenges.
  • A Brief Overview of the IEE Evaluation Process
    The process of conducting an IEE involves steps;
  • Parental Autonomy
    Parents have the right to select the evaluator(s) for conducting the IEE. This empowers parents to ensure that the evaluation remains impartial and is conducted by experts who have no interest, in the outcomes favored by the school district.
  • Thorough Assessment
    IEEs are renowned for their meticulousness. They cover aspects of a student’s path including how well they perform academically the behavioral and emotional difficulties they may face their cognitive abilities and more.
  • Unbiased Assessment
    One of the elements of IEEs is their impartiality. Evaluators are independent, from the school district ensuring an assessment that solely focuses on meeting the student’s needs.
  • Addressing Doubts
    IEEs can be particularly valuable when there are doubts about the accuracy or adequacy of assessments conducted by the school district. They provide an opinion to ensure that the student’s needs are adequately addressed.
  • IEE Special Ed
    Personalized Support for Students with Disabilities. 
    IEEs play a role in Special Education (Special Ed) where students with disabilities often require tailored support to excel both emotionally. IEE Special Ed evaluations delve into understanding these students’ specific challenges helping identify strategies and accommodations.
  • Education Evaluations; A Comprehensive Approach
    Education evaluations, like IEEs, take an approach to comprehend each student’s journey. They consider not only performance but also emotional well-being, social interactions, and any other factors that might impact their educational experience.
  • Empowering Parents and Students
    Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs) empower parents to actively engage in their child’s education. By offering an assessment IEEs equip parents, with insights into their child’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas that may require additional support. This knowledge empowers parents to effectively advocate for their child’s needs.
  • The Impact of IEEs
    IEEs play a role in ensuring that students with disabilities receive the support to thrive. By providing an impartial evaluation of a student’s requirements IEEs contribute to the development of personalized Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs) that cater to each student’s unique needs.

In conclusion, Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs) serve as an asset, within the Special Education field. They provide a well-informed assessment of a student’s educational needs empowering parents, educators, and students themselves to make informed decisions that foster academic success and personal growth.