Special Education Assessment

Special Education Assessment Services For Attorneys

Services include special education expert experience for due process hearings & forensic consultations.

Special Education Assessment Services For Parents

Services include children emotional and behavioral consultation & analysis of parental goals/safeguards.

Special Education Assessment Education Consulting

The background of Dr. Imber includes Forensic Educational Expertise and Independent Evaluations.

Comprehensive Services for Special Education Assessment

Assessment in Special Education; A Path to Success

In the field of Special Education, accurate and thorough assessments are crucial for providing support and intervention. Dr. Steven C. Imber, Ph.D. offers a range of specialized assessment services that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of students with disabilities. With over four decades of experience, Dr. Imber is dedicated to being your trusted partner on the journey toward success.

Key Services Provided

  • Special Education Testing 
    Dr. Imber conducts tests designed to evaluate a student’s strengths and challenges within the context of their disability. These assessments go beyond testing methods by providing an understanding of the student’s educational requirements.
  • Academic Assessment for Special Education
    Academic assessments play a role, in Special Education. Dr. Imbers’ assessments are comprehensive. Personalized to address the disability or challenges faced by each student.
  • These evaluations offer insights, into a student’s performance and highlight areas where they may require additional assistance.
  • Special Education Evaluation
    Dr. Imber specializes in conducting assessments for students with needs ensuring an understanding of their unique requirements. These evaluations are aimed at informing the development of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) that cater to each student’s strengths and challenges.
  • Evaluation & Special Education
    Dr. Imber takes an approach to assessments taking into account aspects of a student’s educational journey. This includes their achievements, cognitive abilities, emotional well-being, behavioral hurdles, and social interactions.

The Significance of Specialized Assessments

Accurate evaluation serves as the cornerstone, for support. Dr. Imber’s assessments offer the following advantages;

  • Personalized Assistance
    Each evaluation is customized to address the needs and difficulties faced by the student ensuring that support is personalized and impactful.
  • Informed Decision Making 
    Assessment results provide educators, parents, and students with insights that aid in making decisions regarding suitable interventions and accommodations.
  • Development of IEPs
    The assessment outcomes contribute to the creation of tailored Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). The results of assessments play a role, in developing Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) that cater to the needs of students setting them on a path towards success.
  • Empowering Parents
    Assessment results provide parents with the tools they need to advocate for their child’s requirements guaranteeing that they receive the necessary support and services for their success.
  • Legal Compliance
    Dr. Steven C. Imber conducts assessments in adherence to regulations and policies governing Special Education safeguarding the rights and interests of students with disabilities.

Dr. Steven C. Imber, Ph.D possesses knowledge, experience, and dedication in the field of Special Education assessment. His unwavering commitment to comprehensive assessments ensures that students with disabilities receive the support and services, for their academic and personal growth.