Dr. Imber's Background

Dr. Imber’s practice in recent years has focused on work with attorneys who practice personal injury cases (physical and sexual abuse), family or probate court matters that involve school preference issues, and special education due process hearings.

The personal injury cases involve school safety, proper or inadequate school supervision, and personal injury matters including wrongful death.

He has been retained by plaintiffs and defendants. His perspective is that he has been willing to work with attorneys who represent school departments as long as his investigation does not represent a significant violation of child or parental rights. He has been employed by various attorneys representing school departments in several states.

Dr. Imber initiated his service as an expert witness in a matter pertaining to children and youth with Autism, eventually expanding to all children with emotional disturbance in federal court before Judge Raymond Pettine. His testimony, along with other experts, resulted in the closing of the O’Rourke Children’s Center in Rhode Island. Subsequently, he was employed to improve significantly the adolescent program at the Institute for Mental Health and Retardation at the Institute for Mental Health in Rhode Island under orders from Judge Pettine. He worked with Rhode Island Department of Education officials to gain state-approved status for the adolescent program and served as special education director and consultant for four years.

Dr. Imber is methodical in his practice. He is thorough, timely in communication, highly motivated, and open to various attorney, school, and parent perspectives. However, he is highly ethical in his conduct and his decision-making.

Steve Imber

Industry Affiliations

Psychoeducational Consultants

  • special education consultant and school psychologist for school districts
  • certified by the Rhode Island Department of Education in several areas of teaching, as a school psychologist and as a supervisor of Special Education (through August 2024)
  • part-time special education administrator in school and hospital settings
  • educational consultant, evaluator and school psychologist for public and private schools
  • consultation to general as well as special education teachers, school principals and special education directors
  • special education consultant and school psychologist on evaluation and IEP teams for public and private schools
  • testimony in special education due process hearings in family and federal court on matters pertinent to DCYF
  • testimony in district and superior court on criminal matters
  • published articles in Inclusive Education and the Exceptional Parent Magazine

Presentations: National, Regional, State and Local on diverse topics and issues pertinent to education, special education (including attention-deficit disorders, behavioral disorders, behavioral management strategies for parents and teachers, inclusion and integration of children and adolescents with disabilities, independent educational evaluations, lead poisoning and educational competence, learning disabilities, Miranda Warnings and educational competence, DUI issues and educational competence, parental rights under the Individual with Disabilities with Education Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, P.L.93-112, school violence prevention, special education assessment and evaluation.

Presenter and/or Session Leader at several National Council for Exceptional Children’s Conferences, Several State and Regional Conferences, LRP Annual National Conference on Legal Issues of Educating Individuals with Disabilities

Publications: Behavioral Disorders, Exceptional Children, Journal of Learning Disabilities, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Lawyer’s Weekly, LRP publications, Rhode Island Monthly Magazine (Special Edition), The Special Educator (editorial consultant) Today’s School Psychologist (editorial consultant)

  • Co-chairperson, Rhode Island Anti-violence Coalition.
  • Co-chairperson, Minority Recruitment and Cultural Diversity Committee, Feinstein School of Education and Human Development, Rhode Island College.
  • Past-President of the International Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders (a division of the International Council for Exceptional Children).
  • Special Education Administrator (grades PK-12).
  • School Psychologist (grades (PK-12).
  • Special Educator: Pre-school/Elementary/Middle School for Mild to Moderate Disabilities.
  • Special Educator: Middle/Secondary Level for Mild/Moderate Disabilities.
  • Special Educator: Moderate, Severe and Profound Disabilities (grades PK-12).
  • Special Educator: Physically Impaired/Multi-disabled (grades PK-12)

Why Choose Dr. Imber?

With over 45 years of psycho-educational experience, Dr. Imber provides an array of consultation and evaluation services to parents, students, pediatricians and attorneys, including:

  • parental matters concerning emotional as well as behavioral challenges of their children and adolescents
  • academic needs of children and youth with disabilities through independent educational evaluations, advocacy and consultation
  • student issues such as: attention deficit disorders, autism, cognitive delays, emotional/behavioral disabilities, learning disabilities and other challenges
  • adult disabilities
  • pediatrician consultation
  • attorney consultation on children and youth with disabilities through special education due process hearings
  • IEP team meeting evaluation and consultation pertaining to the education of children with disabilities
  • independent educational evaluation on behalf of children and youth in the family court
  • criminal court evaluations
  • readability analyses on the Miranda Warning
dr steve imber special education expert
dr steve imber special education expert