Services For Parents

Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs) For Parents

An independent educational evaluation conducted by Dr. Imber is likely to include the following components:

Child History

  • A detailed review of the child’s medical, family, social and school history
  • Detailed Review of Records including medical, educational prior evaluations, IEPs,
    discipline reviews, and other relevant documents
  • Parent consultation on emotional and behavioral challenges of children
  • Analysis of parental goals
  • Participation at Response to Intervention (RTI) team meetings
  • Participation at Educational Evaluation Team meetings
  • Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting evaluations pertaining to the education of children with disabilities
  • Consultation on Parent Procedural Safeguards
dr steve imber special education expert

Services For Attorneys

Services include special education expert experience for due process hearings & forensic consultations.

Education Consulting

The background of Dr. Imber includes Forensic Educational Expertise and Independent Evaluations.

Parent Resources

Classroom Observations & Consultation Expert Witness

Classroom Observations and Consultation with School Personnel:

Special Eduation Assessment

  • An evaluation of word-identification, oral reading, oral reading comprehension and silent reading comprehension skills assessed through formal and informal testing
  • Oral language skills assessed through nationally normed, standardized subtests
  • Written Language skills including written expression and technical aspects of writing
    through formal tests and informal evaluation
  • Overall academic knowledge in science, social studies and the arts through formal testing
  • Informal assessment of work samples and current school assignments

Comprehensive Report including a summary of the above information and:

  • Tests results
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations
  • The evaluation may also include a cognitive assessment.

An evaluation may include an independent functional behavioral special education assessment to analyze the function of troublesome behavior(s) as well as a behavioral intervention plan based upon the unique needs of the child or adolescent (Positive Behavioral Intervention Support).

An evaluation may also include an assessment of the child’s or adolescents social-emotional skills when warranted.

The IEE will involve a close working relationship with the parents.

Participation in Meetings on behalf of Students with Disabilities or students not yet identified as having disabilities such as:

dr steve imber special education expert
dr steve imber special education expert

Dr. Imber conducts detailed independent educational evaluations that can include evaluation of the following skills:

  • Reading which includes reading recognition, oral reading comprehension, and silent reading comprehension (including story details, inferences, and key vocabulary).
  • Mathematics including concepts, computation, and problem-solving skills.
  • Written Language Skills including the ability to put thought into writing (content) and technical aspects of writing (punctuation, capitalization, usage, and spelling).
  • Oral language including receptive and expressive skills (A more detailed analysis of speech and language issues should be obtained by a certified speech and language therapist.
  • Cognitive abilities
  • Social, emotional, and behavioral issues
  • Independent educational evaluation
  • Special education expert for due process
  • Youth emotional and behavior concerns
  • Attorney consultation on youth with disabilities
  • Special education expert
  • Special Expert Witness
  • Special Education Expert Witnesses