Specialist in Special Education

Specialist in Special Education Services For Attorneys

Services include special education expert experience for due process hearings & forensic consultations.

Specialist in Special Education Services For Parents

Services include children emotional and behavioral consultation & analysis of parental goals/safeguards.

Specialist in Special Education Education Consulting

The background of Dr. Imber includes Forensic Educational Expertise and Independent Evaluations.

Dr. Steven C. Imber, Ph.D.; Your Trusted Specialist in Special Education

Guiding You Through the Complex World of Special Education

With over 45 years of experience in the field Dr. Steven C. Imber, Ph.D. is a highly regarded specialist in Special Education. He serves as a source of support for parents, educators, and legal professionals who need assistance navigating the landscape of Special Education.

Highlighted Services Provided

  • Comprehensive Special Education Evaluations
    Dr. Imber conducts evaluations that go above and beyond assessments. These evaluations encompass aspects such as academics, cognition, emotions, and behavior to gain an understanding of each student’s unique requirements.
  • Expert Witness for Due Process Hearings 
    Dr. Imber brings his expertise to serve as a witness during due process hearings. His profound knowledge of Special Education regulations ensures representation that safeguards the rights and educational needs of students with disabilities.
  • Professional Consultation 
    Driven by his passion for empowering individuals with disabilities, through quality education Dr.Imber offers expert consultation services to provide guidance and insights tailored to needs.

Please let me know if there’s anything I can assist you with! Dr. Imber specializes in providing expert consultation services to parents, educators, and attorneys who require guidance, on matters related to Special Education. His goal is to help stakeholders make informed decisions that ultimately benefit the students involved.

The Value of Dr. Imber’s Special Education Expertise

  • Comprehensive Assessments 
    Dr. Imber conducts evaluations that are individually tailored to provide an understanding of each student’s strengths and challenges.
  • Legal Knowledge
    With his experience, Dr. Imber possesses an understanding of Special Education laws and regulations. He ensures that all evaluations and consultations are carried out in compliance with these requirements.
  • IEP Development
    Dr. Imber actively participates in the creation of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) ensuring they are specifically designed to meet the needs and goals of each student.
  • Effective Advocacy
    Through his expert testimony and guidance, Dr. Imber empowers parents and attorneys to effectively advocate for students, with disabilities ensuring they receive the support and services they deserve.
  • Holistic Approach
    Dr. Imber takes into consideration all aspects of a student’s journey, including performance, cognitive abilities, emotional well-being, and any behavioral challenges they may face.

Dr. Steven C. Imber, Ph.D. goes beyond being an expert, in Special Education. He is a champion for students with disabilities. His extensive experience and unwavering dedication make him a trusted ally for parents, teachers, and legal professionals as they navigate the world of Special Education. With Dr. Imber, by their side, students can receive the education that suits their needs and strengths ensuring they get the support they truly deserve.